Business line


Machines for printing and serigraphy

We will repair most of the machines and screen printing, plate and film development machines, Plate insolation machines, Mechanical problems on CTP, Paper cutters, Offsets, typographic machines, cutting Platinums, Film coating machines, Packaging machines, Palletising machines, Compressors and vacuum pumps, inserting machines,
        Assembling machines, Screen printing machines with several posts, Drying tunnel, And all small equipment:stapler machines ...


We repair: Lathe, Mmilling machines, Machines witch numerically commands. CNC, Folding machines, Shears machines, Bender machines, Drill, welding machine and plasma carver, Any equipment except electro-portable.

Woodworking Machinery

We repair the macines for wood, aluminum, PVC and preparation of firewood.
        Saw with one or more blades, Bender machines, Planing machines, Straightening machines, Spindle maker, 4 sides molding mechines, Welder, Cuts cutter, Splitter.

Various machines

Cranes for works,Liquid concrete pumps, Trash compactor , Ppaper and cardboard shredders, Fairground attraction.

Electronic messages displays with led

Centaure, sayag, distel.

Machine for the food manufacturing industry

Laboratories and agricultural purposes, Calibrators, Additional weighing machines, Strapping machines, L film welding machines, Seeding machines, Conveyor, Labelling,
        Various packing machine, Oven, Pump for wine, Press grapes, Systems of regulation of the manufacture of vinegar, Cutter for chips, washing bottles Chains.